There is no such thing as a "one size fits all"
solution when dealing with
Information Security.

Your information,
Our responsibility

Information has value - often people only realize the true value of their information when it's lost or compromised. But it's not just the value for the organization; it's also the value for its employees, stakeholders and customers.

L.A. Consultancy provides consultancy services supporting organizations (interim) to raise the level of Awareness and Information Security throughout all layers of the organizations. Either small or corporate organizations - L.A. Consultancy has broad knowledge and experience to be able to achieve valuable results.


Governance, Risk Management, Policies, Vulnerability management, Security hardening, Assurance, and so on.. - L.A. Consultancy leads the development of the Information Security organization by understanding the business and taking a pragmatic approach.


Awareness is all about helping to understand the value of information and ensuring people feel responsible to take action - L.A. Consultancy leads the implementation of an Awareness program tailored to the business processes of the organization.


Assuring your employees, stakeholders and customers that you are "in control" of your information and processes - L.A. Consultancy leads the setup of an Audit charter (or program) which will lead the way of performing internal- and external- audits.

Meet Luuk Akkermans

Information Security Consultant / Auditor

  • Excellent communication skills on strategic, tactical and operational level
  • CISA-certified auditor
  • Expert in implementing and supporting ISO 27001 certifications and Assurance reports (e.g. SOX, ISAE3402)
  • International experience

Recent projects

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